Florian Adolph


* 1977

1998-2004: studied Interdisciplinary Art and Free Painting , Degree as Master Student in Free Painting, Städelschule - staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Frankfurt am Main.

Lives and works in Frankfurt am Main.


"(...) Since 2006, his work has focused on the conditions of human perception in a medial context, using imagery that consciously vacillates between abstraction and representationalism, always questioning these perceptual patterns. (...)"

Provinz Editionen




Exhibitions (Selection):


2022: "The ANLAGE", wava.ar, Frankfurt am Main


2022: "Stranger To...", Platforms Project, Athens, Greece


2022: "DIGITAL DADAISM – S2/E1", Temporary Gallery, Cologne


2022: "JUNGE KUNST WAGEN! 50 Jahre 1822-Forum", Kunstverein Familie Montez, Frankfurt am Main


2022: "GROTTO", Kunstbalkon e.V., Kassel &  on Voxels.com


2022: "MISA.ART POP-UP", misa.art, Berlin


2022: "Gateway to the Metaverse", House of Wisdom, Sharjah, UAE


2021: "Printing Blocks & Tokens" provinz.digital Art Cologne, Cologne


2021: "Global Art Exhibition", K11 MUSEA, Hong Kong


2021: "Entangled Broadcast", Cryptovoxels/Ausstellungsraum EULENGASSE, Frankfurt am Main


2019: "Line and Surface", 1822-Forum, Frankfurt am Main


2018: "Positionen 2018", Designhaus, Darmstadt


2018: "DIGITALRÄUME", Ausstellungsraum EULENGASSE, Frankfurt am Main


2017: "UNLIKE MYSTAKES", AAC, Frankfurt am Main


2016: "Minimalists of the Future", c/o Studio, Frankfurt am Main


2014: "De-Signs", DaSpace, Frankfurt am Main


2011: "Inside Handbuch Beautykreis", after the butcher, Berlin


2005: "Wer von diesen Sieben", Kunstverein Braunschweig e.V., Braunschweig


2005: "Everything in Particular", ACME, Los Angeles


2004: "The Savoy", Collective Gallery, Edinburgh


2002: "Urban Mythologies", Kunstverein Friedberg e.V., Friedberg (Hessen)

Talks, Teaching



"WEB 3.0 (NFTs and Metaverses)"

Lecturer, Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt


"NFTs for Artists"

Workshop, FAB, Festival of Animation Berlin


"A room about nothing – In the Rabbit Hole of the NFTs"

Masterclass, FAB, Festival of Animation Berlin


"The old and the new art world"

House of Wisdom, Sharjah, UAE


"Non-Fungible Tokens und digitale Kunst"

(Creator's communities, WEB 3.0 und DAOs)

Mainz Crypto Community, Virtual


"Rare Pizzas in Cryptovoxels"

Keynote lecture, Virtual

h_da, Hochschule Darmstadt, University of Applied Sciences





"Entangled Broadcast"

Ausstellungsraum EULENGASSE Frankfurt a. M.

Cryptovoxels - Livestream